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Old 07-18-2010, 02:10 PM
Eve Eve is offline
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Default Job

Hello. Learn as to earn money.
I wish to tell:
How to earn money through moneybookers
Read up to the end!
I have found in a network somewhere article of approximately such maintenance: There is in system a gold account, and that you on it will send all will return to you in the doubled size!!! Any sum from 10$ and above! Will send
10$ receive 20$, will send 50$ receive 100$ etc. Certainly, all it is clear, a deceit but if to look more deeply …
I have not believed, but for the test have sent 10$. In somewhere 1 hour has checked up the account has found out account replenishment on 20$!!! I was surprised. Has sent then 10 more $. Again too most. Has then sent 20$, to me has come 40$. Having grown bolder has definitively sent all that at me-200$ was-BE … That was further, you have already understood. Any 400$ nobody has sent to me, and my 200$ too have disappeared for ever …
But I Have understood as they work. They on a server have an artful program which accepts the sums from 10$ and approximately to 150$ (showered with it more and them took away, and 150$ has thrown, the program has returned 300$) Here and making a thousands!
In general, it I to that if to be accurate and to send, the small sum (they accept any sums, but is not less 10$) always it is possible to receive twice more. They have a special program which looks who how many transfers has made and for what sum to define when it is necessary to Deceive.
To 150$ they do not take away transfers by the sum never. That is, having sent 10$ you in any case receive 20$ since the sum small and they will wait while you will send more.
If accurately to send them the small sums it is possible to deceive them. They do not look any more at transfers, it is done by the program.
Money for these purses of ten (and can also hundreds) thousand, and me very much irritates as they Deceive people for this reason I share the information with you. They should be ruined!
There it is a lot of accounts, which to me have sent works precisely, here it:
Believe that you risk nothing, if only send no more than 150$, but receive twice more! It is the fact, I did not trust, but have solved that eventually – 10$. It not money. Also has not regretted. I now earn on it nearby 2000$ (it is possible to do and more). It not millions, but is more or less stable income.
Council: If at the first stage you absolutely do not have money can translate the sum 10-20$ until then will not be shaken yet.
I repeat! It is not necessary to lift the rate, since if the rate above 150$ the program them takes away that. Send to 150$!!! Good luck!
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