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Old 12-08-2010, 03:41 PM
ilovemydog ilovemydog is offline
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Default Anything I should do at this stage?


Thanks for everyone who has read my previous thread. I am currently living in Toronto but I would consider to relocate to anywhere the job is taking me. My brother is staying in Calgary and he told that it might be easier to get a job there. Therefore I have sent some applications for the jobs over there these months.

About 1.5 months ago, I received an email from a HR recruiter of a reputable Human Resources Management consulting company and they were interested in having an interview with me for a position located at Calgary. I was actually visiting my brother in Calgary at that time and I went to the company a few days after the email. I did very well during the first interview and they then set up a final interview in the following week. The interview was done over the phone and by a manager who managed the accounts in a particular industry (She's not from the HR department). I could feel that the interview was good and the manager told me her email and phone number and advised me to contact her for discussion over the job matters especially those related to her team. I was also told that I would be inform by the HR recruiter about the result within a week. But it's been over a week and I still hadn't receive the response. I sent an email to the HR recruiter and I got to know she's in vacation. After she's back to work, she sent me an email and told me that I was a strong candidate but overqualified and the manager has gone with another candidate who's not that experienced. However, she also mentioned that there's one position in Toronto and she thought it could be a right fit for me and asked if I am interested in staying in Toronto.

I have replied her email immediately and said I was interested in it if it's related to my past experience. I told her to send me the job description but I hadn't receive her response for over a week. Therefore, I took a look on the career section of their company website. It's true that there's one position in Toronto. It's related to HR which was my past experience however it's also a junior position. Besides, I also noticed there's one new position in Calgary and it's similar to the one I applied for however it's a more senior one. At that moment, I was thinking that I might be suitable for the one in Calgary if the feedback they had given me was true.

Therefore, after a long wait, I sent an email to the HR recruiter and cc the Account Team manager (I cc her because I wanted to ask about something related to the Calgary position which was related to her team). I asked two questions:

1) Is the Toronto position still valid? Can you send me the job description? I realized that there's one position stated on the career section but it's a junior position. I assume that I would have to go through the interview process for it again because it's in a different department. But my concern is that again, I would be considered as I am overqualified after the interviews.

2) I noticed that there's a new position in Calgary. It's similar to the one I had applied before but it's in a more senior level. Will I be a right fit for that according to the feedback?

The HR recruiter replied me immediately. First of all, she told me it's not necessary to cc the account team manager as it's recruitment/hiring issue. Secondly, she said she was not mentioning about the position in Toronto and actually she was referring to the one in Calgary, the one that I was asking about. Then, I indicated that I had strong interested in it and asked about the following process. She said she would arrange a final interview with one director. She again promised me that I would be in touch for the arrangement in the following business day. However, it's been a week but there's no response. I sent her an email just now and she replied me that she still hadn't been able to talk to the director.

Okay....by the end of the day, my questions are:

1) Why they have arranged all the interviews and finally they told me I was overqualified? It's because my first job was recruiter too and I worked in the company for 5 years. I understand that recruiter should be a professional first screener and he/she should know if this candidate is underqualified, qualified or overqualified when he/she is doing the screening.

2) Why the HR recruiter never replied me on the Toronto position until I cc the account team manager?

3) Why now the HR recruiter said she wasn't mentioning about the position in Toronto? She said she had been talking about the one that I was talking about (the one in Calgary)

4) At this moment, should I do anything?

Actually, everyone may have different answers to the above questions. I have mine too but I would like to hear your thoughts. Thank you very much!
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Old 12-16-2010, 01:21 PM
lana lana is offline
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Unfortunately dealing with recruiters is frustrating and not logical most of the time. They call you ONLY and ONLY if they are interested. They will never even bother to return a call if they know that they can't make a commission out of you. Don't get upset, just carry on with the job hunt!

Good luck!
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