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I wouldn't do that. Just think about the consequences first.
Raise the min. wage from 8 to 10 lets say for example the results:
1) businesses can't afford to keep all the employees so they lay off and spread the job duties to others
2) Businesses won't pay the raises themselves, prices will go up on products to counter the wage increase and your right back where you started.
3)Businesses won't give raises and more jobs become minimum wage.
4)Middle income families are hurt as the prices of food, and other things increase but they get no raise.

This is what has happened in Ontario, now it is VERY hard to find jobs especially above min. wage and the prices keep going up. I admit it's nice for about 3 months or so after the raise, but after that your not any further ahead.
I would lobby more for job security, full time hours, and government programs for min. wage earners. (like covering more then 55% of earnings on EI, THAT is hard to live on :O)
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