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Default EI help

I have recently found full time work and gotten off of EI but they have sent me a letter stating that I owe them some money back.

I got laid off from a full time job and went out to look for employment at a temporary agency, I have gotten many jobs through them before and thought it would work again, unfortunately after about 2 weeks the recession started to kick in and work went down the tubes. After another 2 weeks of no work I went to EI to apply.

After working for almost a year on and off with the temp job while on EI I was hired full time and stopped my EI. Now they send me a letter saying I didn't report working for the temporary service when I applied and I owe them roughly $400 dollars back of the $1000 or so they gave me because they calculate from the last day worked from the time I applied and they took into account the 2-3 weeks I had no work at all.

To me this seems very unethical because it seems I am being punished for trying to find work without using EI and overall I didn't even collect much through them, most weeks they didn't even give me anything at all or something like $15 here and there.

I wanted to know if I would have any grounds for an appeal or would it be just a waste or time?

Thanks for your time, sorry for the long post but I can't make heads or tails of the information on the government websites and want you to understand the situation and get a clear answer. Thank you.
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