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Default Sponsored job or Arranged emplmt for 11 yrs exp. IT guy


Iam 11 years experienced in Telecom/Networking domain. I work for an MNC in India as a Senior Technical Consultant/System Engineer. I applied for Canadian Immigration through a consultant here in 2005 dec and feel the process is taking tooooo long. I have now decided to try and find out a sponsored job or an arranged employment in Canada. But not sure how easy or tough it would be to do so. I have been told that there is always good demand for IT people and as I am very well experienced I feel its good and better to try now than waiting for my PR to come.

Can anyone tell how I can go about this? Are there any reliable agents to try for Sponsored jobs so that I can come with a job there and may be meanwhile I would get my PR?

Or how about trying for Arranged employement? Has anyone tried and succeeded in getting an arranged employment? Does it really help to speed up Immigration process?

Any suggestions or opinions are welcome...
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