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pcarroll 08-19-2010 08:24 PM

Follow up question.
Just wanted to get a few opinions. I went on an interview for an account executive position and it went well. I called him later the same day and told him I was really interested in the position. He said great and scheduled a second interview the following Tuesday with additional managers. That interview went well. I called him back the next day just to follow up since he was not in on the second interview. He said he would talk with the second interviewer and the regional VP of sales and would get back to me by the end of the week (this was on Wed.) I sent a thank you email to him thanking him for his time and expressing my desire for the position without sounding desperate.

If I do not hear back from him by around 3pm on Friday (tomorrow) should I call or wait until Monday? Keep in mind this is an account exec position and being persistent with follow up seems to be what he is looking for.

Thanks for any help!


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