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alexmog 05-20-2011 04:39 PM

Looking for IT/support-related jobs
I'm looking for IT suuport/PC tech jobs in Vancouver area. Will finish formal training in a month. Courses: Win 7 deployment, SQL Administration, Win Server 2003, Win Server 2008 (DNS, AD, DHCP, IIS, TS, Apps Infrastructure), A+, Network +, CCNA.
No certificates though for now: I plan to get them after I graduate.
I have vast experience in assembling and upgrading PCs and resolving issues with peripherals.

Hoping to get at least 15/hr, though I did not get any responce when applying (except for those who generously offer 10/hr on subcontract terms).
Am I asking too much? I mean is it reasonable for me to consider anything less than 11 to be more like an offer to volunteer?

Hoping to get your advice: there's obviously something I'm doing wrong when applying. My resume is done by a professional service vendor.
One more thing: volunteering is not an option - I have bills to pay and a family to suuport.

Thank you!

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