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wallace 09-13-2010 03:52 PM

Network Technician
Hiii all just wondering can anyone offer any help, im moving over to Calgary soon ...fingers crossed,and i am looking to secure a job offer before i move .I qualified as a electrician about 12 years ago and worked in the domestic and commercial end of things for about six years then got a job in the electricity supply board ESB i Ireland and worked on the streetlighting maintenance overhead network and underground . I have completed many courses in ESB such as Hoist and Truck Licence certs ,Live Line ,Jointing , Mini Pillar live works ,First Aid ,CPR ,Ebrasive wheels , Autocad ,Underground cable tracing and fault finding and currently sitting my exams in an Advanced Diploma in Projects Management. I am Wondering is it possible to have enough experience to get a job or do i have to be certified under canadian laws????:confused:

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