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Tsveta 08-25-2006 10:55 AM

Top 5 tips how to influence your future employer
Top 5 tips how to influence your future employer:
Your body language always has an effect on the other person. The secret of success is to concentrate on some simple combinations. If you want to appear confident adopt the following combinations:

1. Donít blink your eyes frequently.
2. Keep your hands away from your face.
3. Donít lick your lips.
4. Look into the other personís eyes.
5. Donít clear your throat frequently.

contractor 08-25-2006 12:48 PM

Good tips Tsveta.

What if you have a sore throat :) Just joking,
It is not recommended to cover your mouth while talking or to touch your hair all the time. The most important thing is to be calm. If you are calm you are not going to do any of the above.

lana 08-28-2006 07:43 AM

The thing is that almost always people are nervous on a job interview. How to keep calm and don't make any of the mistakes above?
I think that ďLook into the other personís eyesĒ is most important.

lookingforjob 08-30-2006 10:35 AM

You have to look calm on the outside, no matter how nervous you might be on the inside. Answer all interview questions professionally, smile, look the hr person in the eyes and don't forget to ask questions at the end of the interview :)

Agent_J 11-07-2006 01:13 AM


Originally Posted by Tsveta (Post 2359)
3. Donít lick your lips.

I have a habit of doing this when my lips are dry, what's wrong with licking your lips :o ?

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